Sports Performance Visualisation Training sessions are relaxing, safe, drug free and utilise the natural power of your own mind.


If you would like to book a session at my office in Herne Bay,  please get in touch. 

I'll ask you which sport(s) you're involved in and what improvements you'd like to realise. I can then work on a session plan that is specific to you.


The cost per session is £45.00 and it's entirely up to you how many sessions you have.



If you wear contact lenses please consider that your eyes will be closed for part of the session therefore it may be preferable to wear glasses.

Visualisation Training is not suitable for persons suffering from psychosis, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, certain types of brain damage and those who have low cognitive function.

Clients under the influence of alcohol and/or mind altering substances will not be admitted.

Results may vary between individuals.