It's about neuro pathways.

These connect all parts of the brain and control the way we think and behave. The paths we use the most become the strongest and fastest, the default option.


Strong neuro pathways can be created in a number of ways such as repetition or by strong emotions. They can also be created by using the short cut of combining relaxation and visualisation.

Specially developed relaxation techniques can provide the ideal conditions to allow this to happen. 


Neuroscience shows that there are constant, natural, physical changes happening in the brain (neuroplasticity) and this is good news as it's possible to replace negative neuro pathways with positive ones.

If you're struggling to reach your full potential in your chosen sport or activity, Sports Performance Visualisation Training could help you create a new, automatic and positive way of thinking and behaving. You could remove mental barriers, take control and create a more direct connection between your mind and body, addressing issues such as focus, motivation and confidence.

Sports Performance Visualisation Training is suitable for sportspeople at all levels, from recreational through to professional and for any sport or activity.

PLEASE NOTE.  Visualisation Training is not a substitute for appropriate and realistic instruction, training and practice. Injuries should be assessed by a health professional. I am not qualified to advise on these issues.